Historical Route The Old Mountains Expedition

Discover the oldest Bochnia mine workings, which have never before been made available to tourists, where rock salt was mined from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century. 

Learn what the work of medieval miners looked like and what dangers it as associated with.  See how a treasure of UNESCO world heritage was created through the hard work of human beings. You will begin the expedition along underground galleries at a depth of 70 meters, at the Danielowiec Level, and end up at the August IV Level 176 m underground.

During the tour, you will discover the oldest, raw, medieval excavations of the Bochnia mine. The route, which is nearly 3 km long, leads through narrow galleries and ladder sections. To walk the route, you will have to be in a very good physical condition, but you will be rewarded by the sights the beautiful raw rock formations which have been uncovered thanks to the work of the miners. Here, you will find geological expositions unlike any others in the world, which illustrate the structure of the Bochnia salt deposit.

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