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Visitors to the Bochnia Salt Mine discover the oldest and the most beautiful excavations including the August and Sienkiewicz Levels, the Dobosz Inter-Level, the Lichtenfels Descent called the beginning of Horse Route, which connects the August and Sienkiewicz Levels, and the Kalwaria Descent, which extends between the Danielowiec and August Levels.

The route is composed of a network of chambers and galleries with unique shapes and geological structure. A special attraction of the tourist route is constituted by chambers in which transport treadmills are installed, the Mysiur Stables and Saint Kinga's Chapel

.Visitors explore the route on foot and can cover a part of the distance by a tourist train or by boat. The mine tour ends up with a stay in the largest chamber, the Ważyn, where the “Ważynek” restaurant, a souvenir shop, a sports field and a children's playground are located. The Mysiur Stable was created before 1771 by adapting a chamber exploited in the mid-eighteenth century. It was arranged for horses which worked at a nearby treadmill over the Ważyn shaft. In the chamber, the original wooden manger has been preserved.

St. Kinga’s Chapel is located at the August Level at a depth of 212 m below ground. It is the largest and the best-preserved chapel in the Bochnia mine. It was established after 1747 as the New Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angels. Initially it was no more than a small niche, but over time, it grew in size to reach today's proportions. In 1782, its name was changed to "the Chapel of the Blessed Kinga". The chapel was carved at the site of a tectonic swelling. It has an irregular shape, with clearly outlined parts: chancel, sacristy, and a cavern with the Bethlehem crib. Its main decoration elements are: St. Kinga's altar, St. Barbara's altar, a pulpit carved in salt, and numerous sculptures, among others those of Saint Nicholas and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.

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