Stays in the Ważyn Chamber

The Ważyn Chamber is the largest preserved chamber in the Bochnia mine, and it is located at the Sienkiewicz Level. It is 280 m long and 12 m wide.

The chamber excavation started in 1697 and lasted until the early 1950s.  In the chamber roof, the eighteenth-century Ernest Shaft is to be seen, in the northern sidewall, the outlet of the Ważyn shaft, and in the southern one, the entrance to the seventeenth-century Mann transverse, in which traces of manual excavation have been very well preserved.  In the 1980s, the chamber was refurbished and adapted for recreation and spa purposes.

Stays in the chamber are especially recommended to those who appreciate active recreation in interesting places.  During their stay, visitors can use the sports field (basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton), which is equipped with the necessary sports equipment.  For children, a playground is available.  After sports activities, you are welcome to visit the “Ważynek” fast food restaurant, which serves delicious, fresh pizza and excellent Italian coffee.

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